Collection: Isabelle Pelletane

"Isabelle presents contemporary works between abstraction and abstract expressionism".

In these paintings, nature, earth, elements, vibrations are all sources of inspiration. It strives to express the force of vital energies, leaving traces on the canvas, stains freshly sprinkled with splashes, drippings, in warm and luminous colours, like so many footprints of our passage on earth.

The investment is total. Isabelle works the pictorial material in a spontaneous, dynamic and instinctive gesture, a technique all in rhythms and movements. The canvas became the fertile soil for her joyfully coloured works. A virgin territory in which she cultivates new creations, according to her introspections, observations and questions. A genuine "broth of culture", an inexhaustible source of life, freedom and experimentations.

Isabelle Pelletane multiplied exhibitions in France but also at global level such as Italy, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Russia, Germany or China. Her works also count among numerous private collections in France and abroad.

Last selection of exhibitions


Azur Gallery, "Abstract Energy" (solo), SPA (BEL)
arts2be Gallery, "Abstract Energy" (solo) , WAVRE (BEL)
André & Léon Galerie, "Isabelle Pelletane", POITIERS (FRA)
Rockarchive Gallery, (trio) AMSTERDAM, (NDL)
SaatchiArt Gallery , (USA)
Kvadart Gallery, NOVOSSIBIRSK (RUS)
Art Up Deco Gallery, PARIS & LYON (FRA)
arts2be Gallery, "Winter" (Group), WAVRE, (BEL)
SaatchiArt Gallery, (USA)
Space Creation Gallery, "Power Flower" (solo), SABLES - D' OLONNE (FRA)
Art Up Deco Gallery (Permanently), PARIS (FRA)
"EXPO 4  ART", contemporary art fair, PARIS 4° (FRA)
SaatchiArt gallery, (USA)
Art Up Deco Gallery (Permanently), PARIS (FRA)
arts2be Gallery (Solo), WAVRE, (BEL)
"Marché des Arts" (Group), ORLEANS, (FRA)
Art Up Deco Gallery (Permanently), PARIS (FRA)
Artist Residency & exhibition "Venice Art House" (Group), VENISE (ITA)
Open Art Gallery, DIJON (FRA)
SaatchiArt gallery (online), (USA)
Contemporary International Art Fair "ART 3F", MULHOUSE (FRA)
Big Abordable Art Fair, "La Bellevilloise", PARIS (FRA)
Open Art Gallery, DIJON (FRA)
SaatchiArt gallery (online), (USA)
Carré d’Artistes Gallery, BARCELONA (ESP)

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